I need information on pleural effusion causes?

Many. Cancer, pneumonia, trauma, liver disease, kidney disease, radiation, esophageal problem, other infection, pancreatitis, etc.
Types of effusion. Pleural effusion is fluid in the space between lungs/chest well. The next step is to ask what kind of fluid is it. 2 types generally are 1: transudative (clear) 2: exudative (pus like). If needed, the fluid can be drained to make this distinction. In terms of common things, a simple pneumonia can cause an effusion. Congestive heart failure can do that from fluid overload. Many possibilties.

Related Questions

Is renal dysfunction can cause pleural effusion?

Possible... It is possible for kidney disease to cause a pleural effusion. If fluid builds up in the body due to renal failure, then it is possible for a pleural effusion to develop. There are many treatments, depending on the cause of the renal failure, severity, etc.
Yes. Renal dysfunction is a cause of pleural effusions. These are actually quite common in dialysis patients.

How does mesolthelioma of the pleura cause pleural effusion?

From the lining. The lethal mesothelioma develops from the lining of chest wall, the tumor secrets fluid, resulting the pleural effusion.

Does multiple fibroid cause minimal pleural effusion in the rightlung and asicities?

Not likely. There are many possible causes of ascites with/without a small pleural effusion. Fibroids are not high on the list.
Unlikely. Uterine fibroids may be symptomatic but abdominal or pelvic! Chest would need another evaluation and duagnosis. Ascites would also imply more issues.

I used to take akurit for pleural effusion, heard akurit causes vision chnges, is there a possibility that my floaters are side effects of akurit?

Vision Changes. Some of the components in Akurit, such as INH can cause optic Neuritis and may cause damage to the optic nerve. I doubt that it is responsible for your floaters. Check with an Ophthalmologist to see why u have the floaters.