Almost an every day basis I get a pressure in my throat sometimes followed by racing heart and shakey. It's not a panic attack. I'm out of answers.

You answered urself? You say you are out of answers but you start by an assertive denial answer. Panic is cause by many triggering events, objective or subjective.

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Panic attacks or heart problems? I suffer from panic attacks, which are probably due to drug use, which I've stopped. I've had EKG tests done and the results have all come back normal. However, I still continue to get racing heart beats, chest and even

This . This sounds like ongoing anxiety or panic attacks, especially since you have already been diagnosed with that condition and your other cardiac tests have been normal. Anxiety and panic are very common, and can mimic all the symptoms of dangerous types of heart disease. Heart disease should be excluded by a qualified medical professional. In addition to an ekg, you might also need an event monitor to correlate your symptoms to your heart rhythm. You might also benefit from an echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart, and perhaps a stress test to exclude coronary artery disease. If your symptoms persist despite a negative cardiac evaluation, you should be referred to a mental health expert to help you with your anxiety. Read more...