What is the life expectancy of a woman with ovarian cancer?

Depends. Survival depends on stage of disease at presentation. Early stage disease (1 and 2) tend to have the best outcomes. Stage 3 disease will depend upon whether there is relapse and how long after chemotherapy the relapse occurred- the longer after the better the chances. For women with stage 4 disease the survival will depend upon whether they go into remission or not.
It depends. If the cancer is stage i (confined to the ovary), and has no residual disease after surgery and is well to moderately differentiated, no more treatment is needed and 5 year survival is 95%. In stage ii (confined to pelvis) totally resected, and stage i poorly differentiated, radiation and chemotherapy gives 5 year survival of 80%. More advanced disease has 20% 5 year survival at best.

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I have stage4 ovarian cancer and bowel cancer what is my life expectancy?

We can not answer th. In all sicerity we can not answer that as we do not have enough information this question better be answered by the oncologist who is treating you ask him/her at your next appointment. Read more...

Hi dr. I have a friend that have ovarian cancer but I don't kno what stage. She have nephrostomy tube placed in. What is life expectancy for her?

Ovarian cancer. You are so good to be worried about your friend. if she has a nephrostomy tube, it means that the cancer is likely stage 3 at least. Ovarian cancer is bad, but it can be beaten by a really aggressive surgery and chemo before or after. Life expectancy really depends on how a person responds to the treatment. As docs we really hate to give life expectancy numbers ( since then it proves wrong often) Read more...