What heart rate is normal during a 30m walking with my dog? I'm not athletic. Txs

Varies . Heart rate response to activity and exercise varies from person to person. It depends on how fit you are (how much your body is used to that level of activity), resting heart rate, medication, other comorbidities, etc. After about a minutes or so of mild to moderate intensity exercise, heart rate would at least be around 100 beats per minutes. How high it goes, would vary.

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Have panic attacks and heart rate jumps up and down from 150- 180. Gets slower if I walk around n faster if im still. Is 150-180 normal during attack?

It can be. Yes, this is well below your expected maximum heart rate for your age and can happen during a true panic attack. The fact that it slows while walking may suggest that walking is calming for you during an attack. Now, it is important to make sure the primary cause of your symptoms is panic rather than a heart arrhythmia, but if you've ever had an ECG/EKG during an episode, then you know. Read more...