How can I give a donation for a hospital specialized in liver transplantation?

Contact the center. Contact the transplant center and they will refer you to the department that you need to make a donation to. Otherwise constant the united center for organ sharing (unos) and they would help you facilitate donation.
Call. Call or contact the hospital or facility administration to see what their policies are for money donations.

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In what way can I get donation for our hospital specialized in liver transplantation?

Not clear. Are you asking how to find a donor for someone listed for liver transplantation at your hospital? Or how to be a donor for someone listed (i.e. Living liver donor)? The former is dictated by the severity of liver disease (meld score) and allocation of a deceased donor liver is determined by a national computer algorithm managed by unos. For living donation, speak with the program director. Read more...

Liver transplant 3 years ago. Feeling tired 2 days ago 99.9F.yesterday 100.3. Today 101 taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) no more symptoms. Should I go to the hospital?

See transplant MD. Liver transplant patients can get the same diseases that non-transplant patients get, such as a common cold, flu, etc. But because your system is immunosuppressed, you should see your transplant team for blood work and possibly additional tests, such as an ultrasound. Call your coordinator and be seen as soon as possible. Read more...