Interstitial pneumonia is what?

Particular xray. This refers to a kind of xray change seen in some kinds of pneumonia. It is not associated with a particular germ however. Although this was once thought to be the case. (interstitial pneumonias were thought to be caused more often by viruses, and other atypical germs. The xray pattern however can be caused by things besides infection such as congestive heart failure, or inflammatory lung disease.

Related Questions

I had lung ctscan showing groundglass opacities n bilateral lower&right upper lobe representing cellular nonspecific interstitial pneumonia what is it?

Need evaluation. Ground glass opacity could represent simple pneumonia or serious lung problem. Better to consult a pulmonogist and may require lung biopsy if persist.
Can not say. Ground glass opacities on a ct scan can be many things. One of these is fluid in the lung or pulmonary edema, which is mostly seen if heart function is impaired. Alternatively this can represent inflammation involving the tiny air sacs called alveoli. This can have several causes including infection or other inflammatory lung disease. Discuss with your physician.

'interstitial plasma cell pneumonia. What is a lay term used for it?

Pcp pneumonia. This is a kind of pneumonia that was described in malnourished starving children with progressive x ray findings in both lungs. It is now known that this is causes by pneumocystis, the same fungus that causes pneumonia in other patients with damaged immune systems.

Whats interstitial pneumonia?

Usually viral. Interstitial pneumonia is an infection that affect the small area in the lung tissue proper usually more spread out than consolidated to one area. Often caused by a virus.

What is interstitial pneumonia?

Refers to the xray. This refers to a specific x ray pattern in which there is thickening lines that are visible in the lungs. Under the microscope there are changes in the connective tissue that is between the air sacs ( (alveoli). It may be observed in a variety of infections or inflammatory conditions of the lung and and a similar patten on chest x ray may be seen with fluid in the lung (pulmonary edema).

Anybody have interstitial pneumonia?

Yes. Interstitial pneumonia just refers to the part of the lung involved which is the tissie and space around the air sacs (alveoli). Anyone can get pneumonia that involves the interstitium.

Can interstitial pneumonia be healed?

Potentially. Interstitial pneumonia are occasionally caused by reversible causes like inflammation or viral infection. Often interstitial pneumonia can be something else like a senstivity to elements in the environment like a sensitivity to pets, molds or even medication such as amiodarone or nitrofurantoin.

What are the tests for interstitial pneumonia?

Multiple tests. Imaging of the lung and in particular ct scan of the chest can often help define the kind of interstitial lung disease, in addition pulmonary function tests can quantify the amount of lung function loss. Blood tests that detect abnormal antibodies seen in inflammatory diseases associated with interstitial pneumonia can be helpful, for example tests for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis.

What are the symptoms of interstitial pneumonia?

Similar to pneumonia. Interstitial pneumonia just refers to a specific x ray pattern of lung inflammation. It may be either related to infection or an inflammatory disease of the lung. Symptoms are similar to other lung diseases and include shortness of breath, with exertion or without) and cough (often without much sputum production), there maybe constitutional symptoms like fever, and fatigue.