Hgb 11.0, MCV 77.6, MCH 23.8, mchc 30.6, RDW 17.9, ferritin level 17.2, folate (folic acid) 5.03, iron serum 42, tibc 441, iron saturation 10. What does this mean?

Any symptoms? Why did your doc order those tests? Are you feeling tired? Do you have really heavy periods? The hemoglobin is a little low, but not severely low. You are a little iron deficient. You may benefit from taking iron and a stool softener if you don't get enough in your diet. But talk to your doc who ordered the tests, they may have more info.
Iron deficiency . With the iron saturation low and the total iron binding capacity high, it looks like you have iron deficiency anemia. You should take ferrous sulfate daily if you can tolerate it .. Three times a day.