I have two incisor teeth removed from my lowe jaw for alignment. Iwore braces for one year. This resulted in my upper jaw overlap (overbite) solution?

Need review. Impossible to comment on your individual situation in this forum, you have to be seen to be diagnosed. I assume you were treated by an orthodontic specialist. If so, please return to review your concerns. You may also want to seek a second opinion with a different qualified orthodontic specialist. If your treatment was done by a non-orthodontist, please consult with a specialist.
Ortho results. It sounds like you're not satisfied with the end result of your orthodontic treatment. We can't possibly know, not having seen your case before treatment was started ; now what you should expect nor was this the ideal treatment plan for you. I can only suggest you speak to your orthodontist regarding the outcome ; if not satisfied with the answer, consult another orthodontist for a 2nd opinion.
Not sure... Hard to envision exactly what overbite and/or overjet you have now, as compared to what you had before the extractions. Your best bet is to consult with an orthodontic specialist regarding your malocclusion.