Why is good dental care so important in patients with huntington's disease?

See below. Because of neurological issues and deterioration in muscle control, good dental care is important to keep the patients healthy or they will experience pain and inability to eat, resulting in malnutrition.
Dental care. Patients with huntington’s disease are no different from those of other people. They are not innately more susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease but people with huntington’s disease do present clinically with more dental problems this link will provide more detailed info http://www. Huntington-assoc. Com/dentalcare. Pdf.
Prevention Early. Huntington's disease has progressive neuromuscular degeneration and in advanced stages, dental treatment may not be available when dental infection or pain arises. Early preventive dental care and treatment can keep the oral cavity free from pain and sources of infection.
Tooth care. Dental care is important for everyone. Tooth caries-cavities, gingivitis, dental abscess-infection, periodontitis (tender teeth) etc are potential source for endocardial disease (infection in the heart) with risk of sepsis (severe body infection), kidney disease, and many other conditions. Heart and kidney are favorite places for infection of dental origin. Brush your teeth and tongue, and floss.

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Can huntington disease be genetic, but triggered by other factors?

Always genetic. Hd is a genetic disease. Anyone that carries the gene will get the disease, but knowing that you have the gene does not tell you your age of onset at the disease. The onset of the disease will occur regardless of other factors if one lives long enough.

Are coughing and vomitting during eating are symptoms of huntington disease??

Unlikely. Coughing and vomiting during eating is concerning for GI issues, such as swallowing disorders or esophageal motility disorders. Huntington's disease is generally characterized by involuntary movement and psychiatric problems. Mayo Clinic has an excellent article: http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/huntingtons-disease/basics/symptoms/con-20030685.

My girlfriends mom has huntington disease... If my gf and I have kids what is the chance they will have the disease too?

Genetic consult. It's great that you think ahead. Today there are genetic markers for huntington that can be studied & if your gf is positive she will both get huntington disease & potentially pass it to her kids (risk = 50% per conception). A consultation with a medical geneticist should be able to clear the air on this issue and analyse any risks from either side of the family.
Depends. Huntington disease is a dominant trait. There it depends on whether your girlfriend actually has the disease. The disorder may take some time to become apparent. There are tests that can be done to determine is a person will develop Huntington disease befor they become symptomatic. If she does not have it, none of your children are at risk. If she does, the risk for each pregnancy is 25%