How to cure the dry eye?

Unfortunately none. There is no quick fix to stop dry eye completely. It tends to worsen as we age, as we produce less good tears. Treatment aims at managing and is an active process, but there are options that can significantly improve the discomfort of dry eye: OTC artificial tears, presription restasis, punctal plugs, humidifiers, vitamin supplements, heating masks, lid scrubs, lipiflow. Seek eye exam for help!
Not usually. Dry eyes can be caused by some medications and can be irritated by quite a few things (e.g. smoke, sunlight, air travel). So if you have one of those situations, address accordingly. often, however, it is an intrinsic problem. If you wear contact lenses, Then you need to be extra careful. Some people believe that taking Omega-3/6 fatty acid supplements may help. There are also many lubricants OTC.
Dry eye. Dry eyes can occur due to different reasons .Treatment for dry eye depends on the symptoms and cause of condition. For symptomatic relief lubricating eye drops or ointment can be used .Avoiding dry conditions, wearing sunglasses when out doors also help.
No true cures. No true cures to dry eyes. It is a condition that has to be managed with artificial tears, warm compresses to start. Other things can help after those are tried but there is no magic drop that will make it go away permanently.
Not likely. Eye dryness can be treated with a stepladder of options starting with tear supplements, ointments at night, prescription tear enhancers, drain plugs (punctal plugs) and more advanced supplements. There is no "cure" or it would replace all of the rest of these things.

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How can I cure dry and itchy eye?

Tear drops. Drying and itching may mean you have allergic conjunctivitis. Air pollutants and dusty environments make it worse. Try a combination of artificial tears during the day and lubricating gel at night. Genteal, Systane, and Refresh are good brands. For the itching Zaditor (ketotifen) drops are particularly good and available over the counter. Read more...