Which nutritional supplements have been recommended for people with huntington's disease?

High calorie diet. Several supplements have been tested in huntington's patients, but no significant advantages have been found. A high calorie diet improves well-being because huntington patients consume much energy with their increased movements. The best non-pharmacologic care remains a safe, padded environment and support for depression and suicidal tendencies.
See link. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/condition-1269-huntington%27s+disease.aspx?diseaseid=1269&diseasename=huntington%27s+disease&source=0.

Related Questions

I have headche for months and we have huntington disease in the family is this an hd symptoms or it can be something else?

Can have many causes. Headache is not considered to be a common symptom of hd. Depending on the type of headaches you have, they can be migraines, tension headache, or cluster headaches. Causes are many; including viral infection, chronic sinusitis, drug/alcohol withdrawal, change of medications, to name a few. Consult your physician if it continues. Read more...

Can huntington disease be genetic, but triggered by other factors?

Always genetic. Hd is a genetic disease. Anyone that carries the gene will get the disease, but knowing that you have the gene does not tell you your age of onset at the disease. The onset of the disease will occur regardless of other factors if one lives long enough. Read more...

Are coughing and vomitting during eating are symptoms of huntington disease??

Unlikely. Coughing and vomiting during eating is concerning for GI issues, such as swallowing disorders or esophageal motility disorders. Huntington's disease is generally characterized by involuntary movement and psychiatric problems. Mayo Clinic has an excellent article: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/huntingtons-disease/basics/symptoms/con-20030685. Read more...