Should not female genital cutting be considered primarily a womens righ?

A woman's right vs. A child's right? Did you know that in yemen most girls (76%) are circumcised by age 2 weeks old. Some may even be cut when they are one day old. The majority of female genital cutting is inflicted on girls who are aged four to ten years old. > 60% of girls are cut before age 5 years old in ethiopia, mali & mauritania. I argue that these infants & girls are not able to give consent.
No way. Is performed on babies & girls long before any age of consent. Possibly cou;ld be considered a women's right if she was older than 18 years, wasn't coerced and was embarassed about an over developed clitoris & wished size reduced or very long labia minora making bicyle or horseback riding uncomfotable. However no self respecting surgeon would perform a clitorectomy without medical indications.
A right?? NO. Nobody should ever have to even consider female genital cutting, much less consider it a right.