Is a folate (folic acid) level of 10 a normal level? Does is it matter if my B12 level is low (276)? My homocysteine is 12.

See below. Your folate (folic acid) level is normal. However, one needs B12 for folate (folic acid) to work properly. Depending on the reason for low B12 you may need to take it by injection. See this site for more info on folate (folic acid).

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Serum b12> 1999 mma 0.4, homocysteine high 19. No folate (folic acid) or iron deficiency normocytic anemia not responding to procrit. Is this an absorption issue?

Anemia. can be caused by blood loss or bone marrow suppression as well. More information is needed ( how long have you had a normal iron, folate (folic acid) and b12 level. What is your reticulocyte count ? ( is your bone marrow producing new RBC's) ? How low is your HCT and has it come up or gone down with B12. Is the RDW elevated ( do you put out large and small RBC's at the same time? Any blood loss ? . Read more...