Which is least invasive of rf procedures for the patient, re: venefit targeted endovenous therapy vs. Vnus closure system for varicose veins?

Veins. All are equally minimally invasive All have similar outcomes All are tolerated well It's more related to the procedure your treating physician does.
They are the same. They are the same procedure with venefit being the new marketing name after covidien bought the device from vnus medical closure fast. The older closure system is typically not available.
Both/neither. Vnus is essentially now venefit since it was bought and "renamed" by covidien. No difference. Other modalities, such as laser fiber ablation, are also just as minimally invasive, maybe more so since they use a slightly smaller catheter - but we're talking about a difference of 1.5mm. The technique is more or less identical.
Same treatment. The venefit and vnus treatments are the same treatment and both are minimally invasive procedures that can be done in the office setting in about 30 minutes.