How much sodium is too much when on a salt restricted diet for dilated cardiomyopathy.?

2000 mg sodium. We recommend 2000 mg sodium per day and restrict all liquid consumption to 2 liters per day. Need to look at all labels and especially consider the hidden salts that are in bread, pasta, and other carbs.
Varies. This can vary based on your doctors specific recommendations based on your situation, for example if you are taking a water pill ( diruetic) and its dose etc.. Many patients are instructed to consume not more than 2 grams ( 2000 mg) a day however.
4 grams. Generally you should restrict your intake to no more than 4 grams daily. In some patients even that may be too much and 2 gram restriction is advised. This is very difficult to do however and food tends to taste very bland at this level of restriction.

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