Can long time use of cosmetics, hairproducts, dye lead to cancer?

Cosmetics and CA. There are no direct links that show any particular hair coloring product or cosmetic directly cause cancer, not like with smoking. We do know the incidence of ca has gone up over the last 100 years, mostly due to the fact we live longer and don't die of other things.
No. If there is any evidence of any substance leading to cancer, with the exception of the unregulated killer, tobacco, the food, drug and cosmetic act mandates that it be removed. Remember red m&m's with red dye #3...And i;ve seen no cancer related to m7m's yet. And saccherine and cyclamates have been weakly associated with bladder cancers. Don't worry; be happy.
One time. Most of the current chemicals used cosmetics dyes etc are free of currently known carcinogens. Fda has strict restrictions what chemical to be used or what chemicals should not be used . But still excessive use any chemical, by constant irritation , may cause skin cancers.