Do people with congestive heart failure have hypertension or hypotension or normal?

All of the above. There is no direct relationship until late in the disease. People with CHF can have normal or high blood pressure. When the heart is very weak, the BP tends to be low. The waters are muddied by the fact that nearly every treatment we use for CHF lowers BP as a side effect.

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Does my sister with congestive heart failure have hypertension or hypotension?

Need more info. Some times high BP can cause heart failure which than causes a low BP or hypotension due to the weak heart. Without more info this is merely conjecture.

Do people with congestive heart failure generally have hypertension or hypotension?

Hypertension. Congestive heart failure (chf)in some ways is a symptom than a disease itself- namely some other process prevents the heart from pumping forward hard enough, so blood leaks backwards into the lungs. High blood pressure can become a barrier that the heart has to push against, and by lowering the blood pressure you can ease the burden. Kidney disease can cause both high blood pressure and chf.
CHF. Depending on the cause it can be low or high. Weak heart CHF usually has low blood pressure. Strong heart CHF or hefpef can have high blood pressure. The abbreviation stands for heart failure preserved ejection fraction. About half of CHF is each type.

If you have congestive heart failure, do you have hypotension or hypertension?

Likely Hypertension. Untreated hypertension is the most common cause of heart failure. Over the years, the heart gets enlarged and eventually does not have the strength to pump well against the htn. Eventually this results in retention of fluids in the lungs and lower extremities and the patient then because short of breath and unable to walk. The take home message is treat htn!
Either. You can have either one. Hypertension is a common cause of chf. End-stage CHF often results in hypotension. Most patients have normal or high bps until their hearts become so weak that they can't generate the high pressure anymore. Even more commonly, the BP becomes low because of treatment for the CHF since all of the drugs used will also lower bp.

If endstage congestive heart failure, do they have hypotension or hypertension?

Usually hypotension. Most end stage heart failure patients have low blood pressure (hypotension), although if the blood vessels are hardened they can have normal or high blood presssure.

Pectoris atherosclerosis congestive heart failure coronary artery disease dilate hypertension myocardial angina pectoris, what are these?

Cv words. These all refer to cardiovascular particulars. Pectoris = Chest. Atherosclerosis = vascular wall scarring from cholesterol deposit. Coronary artery disease = narrowing and atherosclerosis of heart arteries. Dilate = expand diameter. Hypertension = high blood pressure (within arterial network). Myocardial = heart. Angina pectoris = pain of chest from coronary artery disease, lack of oxygen to heart.