How long can the chicken pox last?

? last? The chickenpox incubates for 10-21 days in the body before emerging as spots/complications. The person is considered contagious from the day before spots appear until the last spot has crusted & dried or 7 days, whichever is later. Rare cases have complications like pneumonia that put you in the ICU or result in death, so in some it lingers for weeks+.
10-14 days.... ..Is the typical duration, but it can last 3 weeks or even longer in severe cases, or when there is a problem with the patient's immune system.

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How long does chicken pox typically last?

1-2 weeks. Typically chicken pox lasts about a week. However until all the lesions dry up and no longer are contagious could take 2 weeks.
Varicella. Chickenpox can last for three weeks or more. The problem is scarring, this is almost always accompanied by scratching the blisters. If a child is prone to scratching chickenpox, it really helps to have them on an antibiotic during the course of this condition. A physical is needed, too, and vital signs taken for any sign of fever, etc.
Range of issues. The kid with chickenpox has been incubating it in his or her system for 10-21 days by the time it erupts. It erupst in waves of new blisters for a period of up to 6 days and is contagious from 24-48 hours prior to eruption until the last new blister dries. It then takes a week or two for most of the blisrer sites to fade some. The skin may look irregular for a year or more at the site of some lesions.

How long does chicken pox last in teenagers?

Chicken pox duration. Chicken pox generally lasts 5-7 days. One is not contagious once all sores have crusted over- usually about a week.

How long should chicken pox last on a 10 yr old child?

Chicken pox. It usually takes about 10-21 days for all the blisters to scab over and heal.  after all the blisters and scabs are completely gone, the chicken pox contagious period is over and you are back to normal health.
7-10 days. Until totally scabbed and no new ones appear. Usually 7-10 days.
Blisters dry ~7dys. Blisters come up in crops over about 7 days. The kid is considered contageous until the last blister is dry, but the general period of 7 days from first blister + 1-2 days before. The blister wound will dry and heal primaiily that first 7 days. It may take 6 wks for the skin to feel smooth where the spots were, and the skin pigment may irregular for a year.

How long will chicken pox last in a 17 year old? It's been 6 days and my pox have yet to completely burst

Resolves in 2 weeks. It scabs normally in 5 days after the vescicules are noticed. Since the vescicles come in crops, the first appearing will dry and scab first and the latest ones will be last to dry. It will take its course and you have to be patient about it. In older children and adults the rash is usually worse than in Children.

How long does the chicken pox vaccine lasts?

Hard to say. Since it has only been in wide use in the us since the mid 90's, we don't have enough long term data available to be sure. Most research suggests that completion of the two dose series will produce lifeling immmunity in >95% of recipients.