What do you think about the cervical cancer vaccine for girls?

RECOMMENDED. There are 2 vaccines available. Not only do you protect against cervical cancer but also vulvar, vaginal and anal cancer caused by hpv 16 & 18 (responsible for 75% of cancers caused by hpv). Another benefit is that one of them protects from genital warts caused by hpv 6 & 11. Please note - vaccination does not eliminate the need for pap smear since other hpv can cause cancer.
It could save lives. Not only can it limit cervical cancer from hpv infections, it would also save resources being used for extensive cervical cancer screening and treatment. Cervical cancer was once one of the leading killers of women in this country, and also currently has tragic effects in the developing world.

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What do you think about the cervical cancer vaccine for boys, now that boys too are recommended to get it?

Good idea. Boys spread hpv and hpv causes penile, anal and throat cancer in men.
Great idea. Not only will it save a number of people from getting head and neck cancer, it will prevent children from getting papilloma disease in their airway when they are born. This is a rare but dreadful disease and avoiding it would be terrific.

Does the cervical cancer vaccine affect my chances of having a baby?

No. We have not seen that in studies, but the vaccine is new and it can take years to see these type of atypical/unexpected side effects.
Should not. While it is too early to know or say that there won't be any adverse effects from this vaccine on fertility, none are anticipated. The U.S. Centers for disease control and prevention has recommended vaccination for women up to 26 years of age. These women are likely to have children, so I don't think they would do this if they expected a bad affect. But it is early so we must wait and find out.
Unlikely. Cervical cancer vaccine has not be in use for a long enough time to have a definitive answer, however, the available evidence does not suggest any adverse effects on reproductive ability.

How does the cervical cancer vaccine work?

Prevents HPV. Hpv, the human papilloma virus, causes genital warts, all cervical cancer and much of vaginal, vulvar, anal, penile, head-and-neck and non-melanoma skin cancer and genital warts and abnormal paps. The vaccines work by preventing infection with hpv to begin with. Dont get hpv, dont get cervical cancer. Gardisil is approved for men and women 9-26 yo and Cervarix is women only 9-26yo.
Gardasil. Gardasil is a vaccine usually administered in young men and women to prevent infection with the 4 most common types of human papilloma virus that cause cancer. While is it worthwhile to get the vaccine, it is possible to still get cervical cancer, since there are types of hpv that cause cancer that are not protected against. Also, if you have been sexually active, you may have already been expose.

Who is the cervical cancer vaccine recommended for?

Everyone age 9-26. It is recommended for all boys/men and girls/women aged 9-26. Ps - gardisil (merck's vaccine) is recommended for cervical, vaginal, vulvar and anal cancers and their precurosors as well as genital warts in women and anal cancer and precursors and warts in men. Cervavix (gsk's vaccine) is indicated for only women, and only for cervical cancer and precursors and warts.
Women 9-26yo. Currently the vaccine is only approved by insurances for women 9-26yo, but I believe that it should be offered to all since 80% of us will have hpv. Eventually it will be offered to men as well.

Can the cervical cancer vaccine decrease the chance of contraceptive injection being effective?

No. The cervical cancer vaccines are not related to hormone injections for contraception. One can get both injections, usually on separate arms, at one doctor's visit.
No. No, there is no impact on effectiveness of contraception with this vaccine (or any other vaccine for that matter).

Is cervical cancer vaccine okay?

Strongly favor. Before pap smears, 30000 women died in the usa every hear from cancers caused by hpv, and today keeping this at bay required great inconvenience and expense. Only a few extremists are opposed to this, as some folks were to treating syphilis with penicillin. Even a woman who never has a partner or was a virgin along with her husband can be raped and infected. It protects men as well.

What to expect for first cervical cancer vaccine?

Not too much. The hpv vaccine may cause a fair amount of injection-related pain both during and following. Because of that pain and perhaps oher risk factors a small number of women have fainted after rceiving it. Otherwise it is well-tolerated and quite benign.

How effective is the vaccine in preventing cervical cancer?

70% of cervical canc. There are two vaccines for that. Both vaccines are 70%effective in preventing cervical cancer and80% of anal cancers and 60% of vaginal cancers and 40% of vulval cancers here you have it.
See Below. Current projections are 65-70% prevention rate, which may prevent 7000 deaths per year!

For what reasons might the gardasil commercial clame it is a cervical cancer vaccine?

Stops the HPV cause. Gardasil is a vaccine for the human papillomavirus (hpv). It is actually a vaccine for several forms of hpv, and hpv is overwhelmingly the most common cause of cervical cancer. Preventing hpv can help prevent cervical cancer.