What are the chances of getting huntington's disease?

Rare. Between 5 and 8 per 100, 000 people have huntington's in europe and n. America, less in non-european populations. Since huntington's is autosomal dominant, then if one parent has the disease, each child has a 50% chance of acquiring it. Huntington's typically appears after childbearing age, and can be misdiagnosed as a psychosis with suicide, so absence of a family history can be hard to confirm.
Depends. One who has a parent with huntington's disease has a 50% chance of getting the disease. If neither parent has huntington's an offspring does not get the disease since it is transmitted by an autosomal dominate gene - if you have the gene, you get the disease. Genetic analysis can be done to identify the presence or absence of the gene.

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My girlfriends mom has huntington disease... If my gf and I have kids what is the chance they will have the disease too?

Genetic consult. It's great that you think ahead. Today there are genetic markers for huntington that can be studied & if your gf is positive she will both get huntington disease & potentially pass it to her kids (risk = 50% per conception). A consultation with a medical geneticist should be able to clear the air on this issue and analyse any risks from either side of the family. Read more...
Depends. huntington disease is a dominant trait. There it depends on whether your girlfriend actually has the disease. The disorder may take some time to become apparent. there are tests that can be done to determine is a person will develop Huntington disease befor they become symptomatic. If she does not have it, none of your children are at risk. If she does, the risk for each pregnancy is 25% Read more...