Is there any way to enhance multitasking skills in patients with huntington's disease?

A hard one. I don't know if you can enhance multitasking in patients with huntington's disease. Your goal should be to preserve whatever skill is left there. Medications, support groups, behavioral interventions (counseling, meds), support have been shown to be of some benefit, although, people in third world countries appear to do just as well as people with the disease in the developed ones.

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Which methods and tools can improve communication skills in patients with huntington's disease?

Huntington's Disease. Huntington patients lose the ability to communicate before the lose understanding. Alternative forms of communication are available on card, on computers and the ipad. The patient point to letters symbols, or pictures to make their needs or wants known. These are often free or low cost and available online at numerous web pages. Look under symbol and picture communication. Read more...