Is there an fda approved permanent filler that can be used in tear trough? I will be getting cheek implants/rhinoplasty -will speak to the surgeon. Ty

No. The skin of the tear trough is very thin and that makes it very difficult to design a "perfect filler." some have use fat injections, thinking that they would be soft and permanent however they can sometimes get firm and then create little "bumps" that are difficult to get rid of. Too much of the hyaluronic fillers (restylane, juvederm, etc) can create a "translucent" look to the skin.
Fillers tear trough. While many surgeons use fillers for treating the tear troughs, this is an off label use.
No! The only fda approved permanent filler in the us is artefill, and this is only used for smile folds/marionette lines. No filler at this time is fda approved for this area. The eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on the body, and any imperfections are easily visible. Implants, fat and even injectables can be seen as contour deformities.
No. As you aged a permanent filler will become a lump that can only be removed with surgery and permanent scars.
There is. The only permanent filler that should be used in the tear trough is your own fat. When done by a true expert, the results are best to none and permanent.