Is anencephaly a genetic disease or is it preventable?

Sporadic malformatn. The fetal nervous system first forms as a groove that folds in on itself and begins to close from the middle outward to the top & bottom.If the bottom doesn't close, spina bifida develops. If the top doesn't, anencephaly occurs. Recurrence risk to any affected mom ~1-2% makes this non-genetic. There is some evidence that taking Folic Acid before pregnancy & up to 3m can help prevent it.

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Hello docs, is anencephaly a genetic disease?

Genetic influence. Anencephaly is one of the many forms of neural tube defects that can occur. The factors are likely present on several chromosomes, making it a polygenic rather than single gene in origin. Recurrence risk of any form of ntd to a previously affected couple is a few percent. Read more...

Does anyone know if anencephaly is a genetic disease?

Not genetic. We don't know why anencephaly happens, but it is not genetic. It may be in part due to a mother not having enough Folic Acid in her diet. Read more...