What causes anal itching beside pinworms?

Most common problem. Is hemorrhoids. Try tub baths a few times a week instead of shower, use pre-moistened wipes in a dabbing rather than "sandpaper" motion, prep h is worth a try. If this doesn't work, pcp or medical GI help.

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I have pinworms. Had albendazole (1 tablet a week) for 5 weeks now. And it's not working. Same anal itching. Please what should I do?

Separate issue. The anal itching is causes by an allergic reaction to the glue like mucous PW eggs are deposited in around the anus. Place hydrocotizone cream on the area 2X daily to treat the itching.A cold wash of the affected skin can give temporary relief.You may or may not be re-infected by PW, but symptomatic relief will take targeted therapy. Read more...

Do pinworms cause pain in the butt or just pruritus ani?

Itching. The pinworms themselves can go unnoticed by the body & do not cause pain. It is actually the egg laying of pregnant worms in a mucus that triggers a skin eruption/rash/itching. The rash is much like a poison ivy reaction & can persist for a while after the worms are killed off. Read more...