2.5 year old with spots on hands, feet and tongue (really red)?

Cocksackie virus. Most like infection with what is called hand, foot and mouth disease caused by the cocksackie virus. There is no treatment for this self limited disease and complications are really rare. It is contagious but most of the exposure is early in the course and your family has probably been exposed. Your pediatrician can confirm this diagnosis although you don't need to worry.
See a physician. This could be measles or any of several childhood diseases. Most are viruses and not serious, but some are. Have to be seen to diagnose. Don't take a chance with your baby.

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My 5 year old has been diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Red bumps and swelling but today purple bruising on the feet. Is bruising normal?

Hfm disease. The bruising may be due your child scratching at the lesions. Read more...
Bruised feet. Maybe something else. HFM disease typically has white or clear blisters. Bruising suggests something else. See your doctor again. It maybe HSP (Henock schonlien purpura) which causes bruising of the legs. This condition lasts a few weeks and affects the kidneys and intestine as well. The key is the distribution of the rash. Legs only is HSP! . Read more...