What happens during a c-section?

Baby! You and your doctor will determine what delivery method is best based on your pregnancy. If a c-section is needed, you will go to the operating room. You will likely get a spinal which will make you numb. And then an incision is made above your pubic bone, and the baby is delivered through that incision. After the baby comes out, your doctor will sew you back together.

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What happens during a c-section?

Good question. We make careful incisions through the different layers of the belly (skin, fat, muscle peritoneum, uterus) to get the baby and placenta out. Then we inspect the uterus, ovaries, tubes to make sure things look ok. We then carefully sew up the different layers again. Hope that is what you were looking for. Read more...

What happens during a c section? Is your muscle cut and re - tied? Or do not all doctors re- tie the muscle after cutting into it?

Not cut. Your abdominal muscles are not cut during a standard c/s. There is a natural vertical midline separation of your abdominal muscles. Entrance is made thru this natural separation and the muscles are temporarily pushed open to each side, allowing the surgeon to enter your abdominal cavity and get to the uterus. Read more...