How can weight loss be slowed in those with huntington's disease?

Depends on cause. If lots of chorea, they may be burning too many calories, in which case treating chorea (tetrabenazine, anti-psychotics) may help. If depression with poor appetite, treat depression. Calorie supplementation with ensure or other supplements may help. Consider swallowing evaluation as well, especially if they have more advanced disease, to ensure no difficulty there limiting food intake.
Exercise and diet. 1- weight resistance training with a good physical therapist. 2- see a nutritionist to assess calorie/ protein intake and need for supplements.

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I have headche for months and we have huntington disease in the family is this an hd symptoms or it can be something else?

Can have many causes. Headache is not considered to be a common symptom of hd. Depending on the type of headaches you have, they can be migraines, tension headache, or cluster headaches. Causes are many; including viral infection, chronic sinusitis, drug/alcohol withdrawal, change of medications, to name a few. Consult your physician if it continues. Read more...