Had a leep procedure done last week. Should I be worried that I am bleeding very heavily and having big blood clots?

Please see doc. Delayed hemorrhage may occur one to two weeks after leep and is related to dissolving sutures or erosion of a blood vessel during the healing process. Bleeding often resolves with conservative measures in the office setting, such as application of silver nitrate or ferric subsulfate, suturing, or packing.
GET Seen. A leep procedure is an invasive surgery of the cervix using a 'hot loop of wire' to literally carve out an abnormal pre-cancerous area. Severe post-operative (post-op) bleeding from any surgery can be serious--so it is best to get seen. Perhaps a 'clot fell off 'or an artery got eroded. I had a 1 week post-op patient (from cervix cryo) develop artery bleeding which had to be fixed quickly.

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4 weesks ago, I had a leep (loop) procedure, still bleeding no heavy, no big blood clots, nothing like that is this normal?

Did u call your gyn. U shoudl be calling your gyn cause your gyn knows how the proceddure went and what u have, your gyn needs to check your cervix to make sure it is healing properly as u may granulation tissue or an infection, so please call teh doc who did yoru procedure. Read more...