What kinds of tests do I need?

Depends on age. If you are a healthy young man, blood pressure, weight and height may be all you need. If you are a woman over 21, you should have pap smears. Lipids should be checked after age 25, and women over 40 should have mammograms.

Related Questions

Scared I have lymphoma help what kind of tests do I need?

Evaluation. You need to see oncology to be evaluated and have blood test and lymph node biopsy for diagnosis so you be treated.

What kind of tests do I need to tell if I am hypoglycemic?

You don't have it. In addition, in my 35 years of practice, I have never seen a case of reactive hypoglycemia. The disorder doesn't exist, if you're overweight the symptoms are a natural response to you sugar returning to normal. A glucose tolerance test (if you've had one) is not and never will be a valid diagnostic test for hypoglycemia. Low glucose only ocurrs when treating diabetes, cancer, renal/liver disease.

I have been with gall bladder pains a lot; what kind of tests do I need?

See your doctor. See your doctor for a physical examination. Blood tests and a gallbladder ultrasound may be indicated too.

What kind of tests do I need to take to find out if I have irritable bowel syndrome?

IBS. In most instances, IBS is a clinical diagnosis and can be diagnosed without a large number of tests. A complete medical history and physical exam is the basis of the diagnosis. That exam will rule out any red flag symptoms which would warrant further testing. In that case, blood tests, stool tests, endoscopy, or x-ray tests of the digestive tract could be necessary. Good luck.

I have a mole on my thigh and I'm worried that it'll turn into cancer. What kind of tests do I need?

See a dermatologist. Dermatologists are the most highly trained docs to examine skin lesions and determine if they are suspicious. If suspicious, the doc will do a biopsy. Avoid a biopsy by a non-dermatologist - they may not take a wide enough excision.
Biopsy or removal. If you have a mole that is worrisome for cancer, it needs to be removed or biopsied. Most moles are small enough that the biopsy is a removal of the mole. The mole will then be sent to pathology to be tested.

What kind of tests do I need to take to test to check for stomach cancer?

Egd. And egd is the most important test as it looks with a camera at the lining of the stomach and a biopsy can be done. Other test would be done if cancer was found.
Endoscopy. There are no blood tests etc, that can be used to check for stomach cancer. In the us, the only test that can check for stomach cancer is an upper endoscopy. In this procedure, a thin scope is placed down the mouth and into the stomach. A gastroenterologist then closely examines the entire stomach and biopsies any suspicious areas.

What kinds of tests do I need to confirm fistula development?

SEE YOUR DOCTOR. See you doctor different tests will be needed depending upon type and site of fistula.
Examination only. A fistula can often be confirmed on detailed physical examination without extensive testing. The location of the fistula determines the need for other testing.

Something is wrong with my breast bone, sternum or collar bone. What kind of exams/tests do I need to find out?

See your doctor. Symptoms like these are best deterimed by a thorough evaluation by your physician. Based on his/her findings, a treatment plan can be developed to help you.