What shoulld I do more of between resistance and cardio if my goal is to reduce body fat percentage?

Net negative calorie. The only way to loss weight, ie reduce body fat, is to burn more calories than you consume. I would suggest you attack on 2 fronts, exercising to burn more & decreasing the calories that you consume. Most cardio exercises burn more calories than resistance exercises over the same amount of time. Weights will add muscle which increases your resting metabolic rate. So do both, but more of cardio.
Depends. To lose body fat, you must decrease the calories consumed by minimum of 500cal/day to lose one pound per week. Exercise 150min/week of low intensity workouts so you send a message to burn fat not sugar and dont hurt yourself. I usually recommend weight training when patients are above 40 for sure since there is age related muscle loss which can worsen when trying to lose weight 50:50 ratio.