I broke my lower right wisdom tooth. Pain in tooth, jaw, ear and gland under ear. Can it spread to upper jaw? Also pain cheekbone, orbital bones, temple

Trauma? Was this the result of an accident, or some traumatic injury? If yes, then need to see an oral surgeon. If you broke your wisdom tooth due to large decay, then it is likely infected, and you need to see an oral surgeon also.
Infection. Broken tooth is infected. Infection is spreading. You have pain from the infection and secondary referred pain. The infection is extremely dangerous. Please seek professional care immediately...Call your dentist now. This will not get better by itself, only get worse.
Get to dentist. Your broken wisdom tooth will not heal itself. It will get worse and you may have an infection. This needs to be treated by a dentist. Asap.
Pain/infec. spreads. The pain symptoms you describe over this large an area starting from a broken tooth indicates infection that should be treated with antibiotics immediately or risk spreading to other parts of your body: brain, ear, eye. A visit to the dentist with an xray will determine if other teeth are involved with this infection besides the wisdom tooth. Act quickly to avoid a hospital trip.