Related Questions

I just had heart palpatations and shortness of breath dizziness & frequent urination. Should I be worried? My heart BPM 108 vs 75 resting

Rapid pulse. If you have a rapid heart beat and feel dizzy, go to the nearest ER for an EKG to see what cardiac rhythm you have. You cannot diagnose what is the problem by just feeling your pulse. Go to the ER for an evaluation. Good luck.

I keep getting shortness of breath, feel faint, light headed and sharp chest pain with popping feeling (especially when leaning forward or back)?

Important symptoms. The symptoms you describe could be a pneumothorax. That is probably the worst thing it could be. It is worth it to get checked out. You should see a doctor about these symptoms soon, in the next day or so max. If your out of breath gets worse and worse, you should be seen right away.