What happened in 1976 with gbs and the swine flu vaccine?

Sl. Increase GBS. Guillian-barre syndrome (gbs) is a rare condition causing weakness and even paralysis. It usually heals well. Getting gbs from a vaccine is extremely rare, but in 1976 a slight increase in gbs occurred in people who got the swine flu vaccine. The CDC monitors for gbs associated with any vaccines closely. You chance of complications of flu are far greater than for gbs.
History. The vaccine was put on the market over the objections of the physician organizations who believed that not enough testing was done. Ongoing surveillance suggested an increase in guillain- barre syndrome with injection of this vaccine, so it was stopped.

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Would the swine flu vaccine actually help you?

See below. The swine flu was a specific type of h1n1 flu virus. If the type of h1n1 causing disease matches the type in the vaccine, then yes.

What are reasons why not to get the swine flu vaccine?

Vaccinations. Don't get the FLU shot w/o consulting w a DR if you have had Guillain- Barre Syndrome, a history of severe allergic reactions to previous influenza vaccine or chicken eggs, have a current fever (moderate to severe) or are less than 6 months of age.

Is it still recommended to get a flu shot and the swine flu vaccine?

Yes.. Depending on your medical history, vaccination for both infections is recommended.
H1N1 vaccine (swine) The most recent (last 2 yrs) have had the h1n1 strain as part of the regular flu shot in the us. There would be no benefit in seeking out older single strain h1n1.

Can there be any danger with the swine flu vaccine?

Vaccine. No greater risk of swine flu than any of the other vaccines that are given. Hope this helps!

Can you please list the risks associated with the swine flu vaccine?

Safe to use. Swine flu is related to the strain that caused a world wide pandemic, felt to be the precurser of parkinson's disease in those infected. In more recent times, swine flu vaccine was associated with paralysis and in rare cased death. The current vaccines have not been associated with these problems. Vaccine can prevent swine flu or make the course less severe.

Could you think the swine flu vaccine is safe (as in you won't die if you get the shot?

Think what you will. I believe in it and got it in september when it came in, just like I do every year. There has already been 4 flu deaths in texas this year from flu, and it looks to be a bad season. The vaccine haters spread lots of rumors, but to me the flu is real and deadly, the vaccine is safe.

What are the best alternatives to the swine flu vaccine if you have severe allergies to eggs?

Depends on reaction. Many recent reports have documented that flu vaccines have not caused severe allergic reactions when given to egg allergic individuals. Current guidelines advise that only those with history of anaphylaxis associated to eating egg should be referred to a specialist for skin test and if flu vaccine given, done with 30' observation and with graded dosing protocol.

Flu/swine flu vaccine for 10 month old, is it a safe time for this?

Yes. I started giving some to kids over 6 mo starting in september until my supply ran out. Good luck finding some infant doses this late in the season.