Gerd? Have pain & sensitive to touch on both sides of chest. Middle feels like a baloon all heart tests are clear no stomach pain or acid. Help?

GERD /Hiatal Hernia. Have and egd, with biopsy for h. Pylori infection, has a plain chest xray been performed , don't forget about the need to evaluate the gall bladder. Change to low fat small meals daily, another item to check is the mediastinum for swelling or masses , or other abnormalities.

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GERD? Could GERD cause sensitive to touch chest pain on both l & r side of upper chest? All heart tests are normal. No pain in sternum.

Chest pain. GERD can cause chest pain but should not cause reproducible pain with palpation. This sounds more like inflammation of the muscles and cartilage around the ribs, costochondritis. Chest pain should be evaluated by your physician. Read more...