I have pain in my right knee, just above the knee cap to the left?

Patellar tendinitis. Patellar tendinitis, mistracking your patella, in the patello-femoral groove. Have it checked out!
A Few Things. Did you have an injury, notice during activity or after you finished? Was there swelling, inability to move the knee or bear weight? Pain just above the knee cap could be tendon, muscle or the knee cap itself. If there is little swelling and you full motion it is most likely minor and should respond to ice, elevation, stretches and progress to strengthening if no pain. Persists? See doctor.

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Right knee: pain bottom left of knee cap; no pain kneeling, pain 1st 4-5 times down stairs and when walking on hard surface store floors for 3+ hours?

Chondromalacia. Very likely this represents roughened/damaged cartilage behind the kneecap termed patellar chondromalacia. 1st line treatment can include quadriceps, gluteal and hamstring strengthening; it band stretching and a knee brace that stabilizes the kneecap. Many other treatment options exist based on age, severity, activity level, etc. Read more...

Whenever I run my knee starts to hurt. It's my right leg and it hurts kind of under my knee cap a little on the LEFT side of my knee on my RIGHT knee.

Orthopedic surgeon. This may be due to muscle, tendon or cartilage problem. If you want to continue a running program, see an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation and advice so you won't cause any permanent damage. Read more...

The left ridge part of my right knee cap is really sore. I am an active HS Cross Country runner that averages about 50-60 miles a week.

You may. have a "tracking" problem (also called Patellofemoral Syndrome) You should get the opinion of an Orthopedist, Physiatrist or Sports Medicine Physician and a "hands on exam" i s indicated.

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Right above my knee cap I'm getting these flashes of pain in my right knee. No injury at all just started today and comes in flashes. Prob nothing?

Jabs. Sharp,jabbing pains occurring spontaneously are often due to irritable superficial nerves or muscle fibers. These are not anything serious as a rule and shouldn't interfere with normal activities. If symptoms worsen,see your physician for evaluation. Read more...