Shoulders neck pain always piping cracking with slightest movements causing numbness weakness pain in arms elbows wrist?

Arthritis or disc. If symptoms are not abating or if progressing you should be evaluated with exam and studies.

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Neck pain into forehead and left side of nose left shoulder left arm left elbow left hip left leg left foot. Top of foot feel numb. What is this?

Headache? Any reason to believe you are having a stroke ? Are you having any weakness anywhere? How is your speech? The areas you described aren't linked so easily. Only place i source i could think of would be in your brain, but even there, what you are describing is just one place. Seek help please! Read more...

Severe pain under left shoulder blade & numbness down left arm till fingers. Tingly feeling in elbow. Neck is fine. Weakness in left arm. Supraspinatus?

Need exam. Your symptoms suggest cubital tunnel syndrome ( ulnar nerve entrapment @ elbow) but a thorough history and physical exam is required to confirm. Supraspinatus( rotator cuff) injuries can occasionally present as you describe but this would be unusual. Most RC strains or tears cause pain w/ overhead activities, difficulty sleeping on the affected shoulder and/ or weakness... Best of Luck! Read more...