Do doctors like it when you get a second opinion? I am referring to a orthopedic doctor. I had surgery with one but don't believe what he is tell me?

They should. I like when patients seek second opinion. Just don't tell us it's because you don't trust our opinion! it shows me that a patient cares about their condition enough to become fully informed. If a doctor is offended by your getting a second opinion, that tells you he or she is not confident and not who you want to treat you. We do want you to come back - don't let the second doctor "steal" you!
We work for you. Based on your question i would say that you need a second opinion. Trust is the most important part of the doctor-patient relationship and trust is earned. If you don't trust your surgeon, it is your obligation to look for another one. Of course, no one "likes" to be second-guessed and we take great pride in our work, but we work for you, not the other way around.
Sometimes. It all depends on the surgeon and the situation. For very complex cases a second opinion can be very helpful. In simple cases it can appear meddlesome. If you are uncomfortable with your surgeon, you should ablosutely get a second opinion. Just make sure you do your homework on both doctors! you should know if they are board certified and for certain conditions, fellowship training is nice.
Yes, get 2nd opinion. I'd venture to say that most doctors don't mind if a patient gets a 2nd opinion - especially for something major like surgery. But it's always best to keep your original doctor updated on any treatments or medications that may have been started/stopped. Also, usually your primary doc is a good resource for questions like these - they may have more insight into your goals of treatment, etc.
2nd Opinion. Never worry about getting a 2nd opinion. If a patient quetions my diagnosis or treatment recommendation, i suggest that they get one. I always offer to locate a surgeon who is most qualified to provide another expert opinion. If your surgeon is at all uncomfortable, or gets defensive, you should definitely proceed. If the 2nd opinion doctor agrees with treatment, enjoy peace of mind. Good luck!
Shouldn't Be Problem. Someone taught me that a 2nd opinion is not a problem. If I am mistaken about a patient, i certainly want them to be taken care of properly. And if I am right, the patient will realize how smart i am. A win-win for everyone.The only condition i ask is that the 2nd opinion be more qualified than i.It makes no sense to receive a 2nd opinion from someone with lesser training, experience and knowledge.