Hurts to push on stomach bloody diarrhea pain in lower back pain in abdomen getting unbearable dr ordered CT scan nausea vomiting pain radiates?

So get it done? Not sure what you are looking for here. You've been evaluated, and a ct is ordered. Are the symptoms worsening? If so, call your doctor and/or go to the er if symptoms unbearable.

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Bactrian: what's worst can happen if I don't call dr about symptoms of muscle & lower back pain, just little stomach cramps. No nausea/vomiting?

Back pain. If you do not have radiation of pain to lower extremities, most likely your back pain is musculoskeletal and should go away with ice or cold pack application, Ibuprofen 400mg to 600mg 3 times a day and slepping on your back with 2 pillows under neath your thigh. Read more...

My son is 12 been complaining of low back pain, stomach pain (he explains it feels like a punch in the stomach), nausea, tired. He vomited once the 1st day and diaherra the rest of the day. He had fever the 1st day. The pain in his stomach comes and goes.

Stomach virus. A stomach virus may cause intermittent cramping stomach pains. Usually these viruses do not last long but it is important to keep him hydrated. Make sure you are keeping up with the fluids he is losing. Keep his diet bland. Do not stop the diarrhea this will just prolong the illness. If he does not take a turn for the better in the next 24 hours follow up with his Primary Care Provider. Read more...