Consid breast aug. 3 nursed kids & they are lifeless. Can fullness be restored & will bad scarring be inevitable? Just looking for my full b cups back

Absolutely! Yes this is a great opportunity to restore fullness to the breasts after waiting at least 4 months following cessation of nursing. Implants are currently the best option but fat grafting may offer a good solution for modest breast size incrmeasesx. Meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss risks, alternatives and benefits or go to fattransferbreastaug. Com for photos.
Good candidate. You represent the most common kind of patient I see for breast augmentation. With pregnancy and nursing the breasts enlarge and after that "deflate." a good result is often obtained because the soft tissues have been stretched, there is relatively too much skin present, and all that has to be done is to fill it out. The scars, no matter where placed, are very unobtrusive. Good luck!
Return of the B-cups. Many of my breast augmentation patients are women looking to restore the breast volume lost to childbirth. Breast implants add volume to the breast mound, and can correct deflated breasts, with minimal scarring. Seek a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for a consultation to get all the information.
Yes. Breast augmentation can effectively restore lost volume post pregnancies, breast feeding and weight loss. The implants will also lift the breasts for a more youthful appearance. Scars are minimal unless a significant lift is required. The crescent and donut lift scars are well hidden along the areola border. If needed, vertical lifts involve a lollipop scar but heal well and fade with time.
Plastic surgeon. This question really needs to be directed to a plastic surgeon. Most will give you a free consultation. Others will charge you for the consult, but will apply that price if you end up having surgery. Most likely a good plastic surgeon should be able to help you.