Heavy hair fall with boils in head?

Dissectingcellulitis. This condition is sometimes bacteria-related, and you probably need to get this cultured.If the culture shows staph or other infection, it may respond to oral antibiotics like the combo of Cephalexin and Rifampin for many weeks. Other treatments are available if there's no infection.

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I had a baby in aug, since then I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, mood swings, hair loss, and boil after boil. Please help. Thank you!

Seek medical. Some people experience large mood and even physical changes after having a baby. Some of this can be triggered by hormonal changes, but when symptoms are severe they warrant medical evaluation and consulting with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to rule out post-partum depression. For more: http://www.Cpancf.Com/articles_files/postpartumdepression.Asp there is help! Read more...