Random left shoulder blade pain, random chest pain, neck soreness, wrist pain. Ekg and blood test showed normal?

It's not your heart. If you had the mentioned tests, then did you ask your doctor what he/she thinks? Most likely, it is multiple musculoskeletal inflammation from a yet-to-be determined cause. Try to think back over the last couple of days.. Did you exert yourself in any way, especially in a new manner (exercise, etc.). If the ekg and cardiac enzymes are normal, you can rest assured its not your heart. Ask ur dr.
Neck pain. Neck pain can mimic a heart attack and a torn rotator cuff of the shoulder. At age 19 and a normal ekg, heart disease is less likely than a nerve impingement in the neck. Shoulder problems can accompany up to 20% of people with neck problems. See a neurosurgeon to evaluate the pain and to develop a treatment plan.