Does taking too much excedrine cause liver damage? Wife has migraines and needs it, but is concerned with long term liver issues. Please advise.

Rebound headache . Which results from the repetitive and chronic use of headache abortive medications for three months or more. Patients with rebound headache take multiple daily doses of one or more analgesics in an effort to suppress the pain. Although simple analgesics such as Aspirin or acetaminophen, exedrine can produce chronic daily headache. Rec.: see orofacial pain or headache specialist for consultation.
Excedrin. Excedrin has acetaminophen. Fda recently issued a warning about using too much acetaminophen. Excedrin is not migraine specific. She needs to see a headache specialist. Triptan are option, and if headaches are frequent she needs to take preventive daily medications.