My 4 1/2 year old daughter is having 2-10 accidents a day. She was tested for UTI and it was negative. I was considering taking her to a uroligist.?

Pediatric urologist. Good idea. Your daughter may have an anatomic bladder problem wetting so frequently so it is worth having a kidney and bladder ultrasound plus a voiding cysto-urethrogram. Some pediatric urologists can schedule both studies plus consultation in a single visit. She may have a very small bladder, bladder reflux or some other anatomic cause for wetting. However studies may also be normal. Good luck.
Good idea now.. If she was tested and presumably treated? At 4 1/2 sme still have accident, but if she did better before and now worse, it is a good idea to get her checked out by a pediatric urologist. Make you gently support her and not punish for her for having accident as this will likely make it worse. Find ways to encourage her, use frequent br breaks, and reward her when she does good..Best of luck.