What is computerized tomography (ct)

Imaging... A 'ct' scan is a very sophisticated imaging procedure designed at taking detailed pictures of one's bodies; to help the doctors better pinpont the causes of what ails you.
Xrays. Multiple xrays about an axis which can be reformatted to show various planes or even 3d imaging.

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Who developed the first CT (computed tomography) unit? What did doctors use before then?

EMI. The Beatles company, Electronic Musical Instrument Co, EMI, produced the first CT scanner. Wikipedia has a great discussion of the history: http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/X-ray_computed_tomography I was trained before CT was in use. We had to rely on our wits and some much more invasive tests.

Is a spiral (helical) computerized tomography CT of the chest the same thing as a high-resolution CT scan?

See below. They can often be the same thing---when in doubt---ask the doctor who ordered your test.
No. Essentially all ct now is spiral. High resolution ct of the chest is a special exam to evaluate the lung tissue using very fine slices and special image manipulation to see fine detail in the tubes and air sacs of the lung.
No. The term "spiral ct" is basically a generic descriptor of almost any ct examination performed today as sequential scanners are rarely, if ever, still in use. "high-resolution ct scans" are ct exams using a specific protocol designed to evaluate the lungs. The main indication for this exam is to evaluate for interstitial lung disease/fibrosis.