Does having your nipples pierced effect breast feeding?

Breastfeeding. By and large nipple piercing will not interfere with your breastfeeding as long as you remove your jewelry before feeding. Be aware that nipple piercing can sometime lead to blocked milk ducts and infection.

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What to do about nipple stimulation after breast feeding?

Please clarify. Please clarify what you mean -- are you talking about stimulation to increase breast milk production? Are you asking if it's safe to stimulate during intimacy? Need more info. Read more...

What should I do to get nipple stimulation after breast feeding?

Gentle. Simple gentle massage will do for half the length of a normal breastfeeding, no need to make yourself sore, make sure your hands have a lotion with some lanolin to avoid irritation of the skin. Gentle rubbing or rolling the nipple and areola with your hand works, or simply use a breast pump to mimic the baby suckling. Read more...