After having two colds a green mucus in the nose has lingered for the past month. Could it be a sinus infection? Does it require treatment?

Highly likely. Just because mucus is colored, doesn't always mean it is bacterial. With exposure to air, secretions in the nose can turn colors. If facial pain, upper teeth pain and fever, then i would diagnose as a bacterial sinus infection and if 1 month of symptoms, antibiotic is indicated. I hope this helps. Antibiotic overuse is a huge problem..Please educate others.

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Can a person have a sinus infection and not really know it? I don't have running nose, but stuffy in morning with some blood and green mucus sometimes

Sinusitis? Without knowing exactly where the blood and green mucous is emanating from it is impossible to know if you have sinusitis. This is generally clinical diagnosis made by nasality of speech, pain and swelling over the sinuses, congestion and purulent nasal discharge. There may be headache, fever and redness, but to be sure where this is coming from see a doctor. Good luck. Read more...