What is a blood level monitoring for epilepsy?

Checks drug in blood. Helps make sure there isn't too little or too much drug in blood. Note, levels are only guidelines- ultimately seizure control or side effects determine proper dose. Also checks for possible effects of drug on liver, kidney, and bone marrow.
Medication level. Many epilepsy medications (eg phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproate, etc) have standard "therapeutic" levels of concentration in the blood that doctors aim for to prevent seizures. Your dose of medication would be adjusted if the level is too low or too high.

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I'm wondering can the medication keppra, (levetiracetam) used to treat epilepsy, be tested and monitored by drawing a blood level?

Yes. But remember...the terms "normal level" and "normal rangel" are misleading. The truly normal level is zero. Everything over zero is abnormal. I use the term "commonly useful range" because so it doesn't foster thinking that we treat the drug level...We treat the person! And no drug level makes any sense without asking 1) are you having seizures? 2) are you having side effects? Read more...