After having a baby my wedding ring seems to be irritating my skin. My finger turns bright red and the skin peels off. What can I do?

The ring On and Off. Most likely a contact dermatitis. You are washing your hands more frequently. Soap and other desinfectants remain under the ring in close contact with the skin. This triggers a chemical reaction which might be irritating. Take the ring off to wash your hands. Avoid the sanitizers, dry your hands thoroughly and put the ring back after this have been resolved. Ask your doctor if you can use a cream.
Two possibilities. Either your skin is reacting to soap, dirt, and other crud that has accumulated under the ring, or to the metal in the ring itself. First, clean the ring thoroughly, using an ultrasonic cleaner if you have one. (many jewelers will do this for free.) if the rash persists, it's probably due to one of the metals in the ring. Either way, stop wearing the ring for awhile; your husband will understand.