My daughter needs the chicken pox vaccine & 1 week ago a friend gave her kiss on cheek but he now knows his rash is shingles. Was she exposed?

Herpes Zoster. Herpers zoster (shingles) is the re-eruption of the chickenpox virus and is contagious primarily by physical contact with the blistery rash( linear streak on one side of the body) . If there was no direct contact with the rash the chance of illness is not zero but is very, very unlikely. This exposure is not a reason to delay immunization for the varicella vaccine.
Probably not. Shingles is not highly contagious as chickenpox is . Usually the virus is in the blisters not spread by mucous droplets..So no your child was probably not exposed. You'll see in 7-14 days and know for sure.
Yes. But please remember, you do not catch shingles from a shingles patient. They are shedding the chicken pox virus. The result would be your child catching pox with signs at about 6-10 days.