My daughter was recently diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She has always played basketball and wants to try to continue. Suggestions?

I think she could. I think she could do that and continue the treatment, I add link for you please check it out. Good luck for her and thank you.
Juvenile RA. Fortunately this is usually a self limiting condition. Nsaids are the basis of treatment, and activity as much as possible is reccomended. It is not within the er specialty, and a rheumatologist should be consulted.
Absolutely. Kids require aggressive treatment to prevent growth abnormalities and to put their disease into remission. There is no cure now and it is not self-limited. Kids should be followed by a board certified pediatric rheumatologist and most kids will need weekly low dose Methotrexate and a tnf inhibitor. With aggressive treatment kids should be able and allowed to do everything their peers can.

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My daughter's doctor thinks she has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. What should she do to cure it?

There is no cure. Unfortunately there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis. There are continuing advancements in treatment. Medications considered disease modifying agents can made a big difference in the progression of the disease process. First make an appointment with a pediatric rheumatologist for the appropriate testing to see if your daughter truly has the disease. The rheumatologist will guide you further.

How do you get diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?

History, physical. And labs and xrays if needed. Juvenile RA will be diagnosised in patient less then 18 years of age with most children geeting the illness at a younger age. It is an inflammatory disease including joint pain, swelling warmth and sometimes redness. Blood tests could be abnormal such as a positive ANA or rf or increased inflammation tests. Please see a physician since it may not be arthritis.
See a doctor. As always, the wisest course of action is to see your physician. He/she may refer you to a rheumatologist that will take a history, examine you and perform a number of tests, including blood work and possible x-rays. Based on this information, the rheumatologist will confirm the diagnosis and review treatment options.

I'm a 18 year old with I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. What can I do for it?

SEE RHEUMATOLOGIST. This is a very demanding disease that we are treating with a wide array of "disease modifying " agents. Takes some skill and patients to manage well.

Do people who have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis have a shorter life expectancy than regular people?

See below. A new study has found that people with rheumatoid arthritis appear to age faster than people without the disease, a finding that may help to explain why those with the condition have shorter life expectancies.
Inflammation and... Inflammation which is chronic, will definitely decrease lifespan. Also, if untreated, or not well treated, inability to exercise, and drugs like prednisone, which causes metabolic syndrome, can shorten lifespan, since Prednisone causes obesity and Insulin resistance!